Leveraging technology to survive the COVID-19 pandemic in Nigeria’s QSR industry


In an ongoing meeting with Patrick McMichael, CEO of Eat ‘n’ Go Nigeria, an established organization that incorporates Domino’s Pizza, Coldstone Creamery and Pinkberry Frozen Yogurt, he talked on the Nigerian Quick-Service Restaurant (QSR) industry enduring the COVID-19 pandemic by utilizing on innovative arrangements, explicitly the measures set up by the Eat ‘n’ Go establishment in Nigeria.

Before the pandemic, clients had eaten in, online requests and get or conveyance alternatives, yet with pandemic limitations, feast in zones have been shut and the organization has been required to change advertising. The business has changed, from 80% of deals originating from eat-in areas to an over 100% expansion in conveyances and get administrations, changing the business’ income channels and the manner in which stores are staffed. In contrast to numerous organizations, Eat ‘n’ Go needed to enlist staff, for example, conveyance drivers, to oblige for the expanded requirement for conveyance administrations. Like most organizations be that as it may, it is exchanging down, and experienced up to 60% reduction in income at one point during the lockdown. The circumstance has improved, in spite of the organization despite everything encountering discouraged exchange, however they are executing changes to be increasingly compelling and fabricate a relationship of trust with their clients.

The organization has additionally attempted to give help to bleeding edge laborers in emergency clinics, police headquarters and fire detachments, and has been conveying items to laborers on the avenues like traffic police, and to the Yaba Isolation Center and others, having understood that a significant number of these laborers are occupied and don’t have the opportunity to eat. Eat ‘n’ Go has meant to legitimately affect individuals through these endeavors and convey snapshots of joy, and has surrendered away to ₦35 million worth of items, for nothing out of pocket.

The organization began planning for the pandemic since January, as the numbers rose in Asia and doubts developed that it would spread to different nations. It set up measures to guarantee that the IT foundation was decentralized, to permit the authoritative business to run from outside the workplace. Understanding that it was a benefit to even now be good to go and associate with clients, promoting methodology was additionally changed, from leaflets and free examples to talking with clients to manufacture trust in the business. They concentrated on sharing data on defensive estimates that had been set up, for example, covers and gloves for representatives, store safe zones, and necessary sanitation, covers, and temperature observing for anybody entering their stores. Moreover, data was shared on the most proficient method to arrange internet, opening times, accessible offers, without contact conveyance and cashless installments, guaranteeing that clients had a sheltered encounter and staff were remained careful.

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As the world changes post-COVID, the organization plans to guard clients and staff while figuring out how to live with the infection inside the network. A few recently founded practices will probably be perpetual, even in case of immunization, for example, utilizing hand sanitizers, wearing veils, and temperature checking. Showcasing will probably move away from contact focuses to concentrate on progressively compelling computerized techniques since procedures, for example, giving out pamphlets won’t be all around acknowledged later on.

This is additionally now the period of conveyance; clients will need administrations brought to them. The conveyance part of the business is set to continue developing and employing drivers since working hours will increment as curfews are lifted and clients will need to appreciate items from their homes. Eat ‘n’ Go has additionally banded together with Jumia to use on their innovation to create and improve conveyance for the business’ chilly items from Coldstone Creamery and Pinkberry Frozen Yogurt. The organization will likewise open more stores to arrive at more clients, since conveyances are just made inside a specific sweep, to guarantee item newness. Clients will probably just need to be around others inside confided in zones. Organizations should gain their client’s trust and should guarantee their wellbeing, utilizing innovation to be as productive as conceivable in security observing and imparting security measures and procedures through open, simple discourse with clients.

Organizations that have created frameworks to protect themselves, on the off chance that they finish them, ought to be in a decent position, paying little mind to the pandemic.

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The Eat ‘n’ Go establishment will keep on developing, put and create in a shrewd way: 5 new stores are set to open in July, a significant assembling office in Lagos to flexibly batter to all stores will before long be completely constructed, a significant stockroom has been worked in Ogun state to gracefully all organizations broadly, and the organization has submitted plans for reviving to the Lagos State Government.

Eat ‘n’ Go’s an association with the Slum2School NGO started 3 years back, to help give kids from ghettos training. Luckily, in spite of the pandemic, the organization has had the option to keep up its responsibility to Slum2School to get 1200 youngsters into schools, despite the fact that it will probably need to reexamine how best to support the kids if schools won’t be open for quite a while. The organization recruits neighborhood ability and gives preparing and upskilling, on the grounds that teaching staff and giving a vocation way is a piece of the organization’s DNA. They trust it is essential to keep up with CSR duties, particularly as they have endured the hardest piece of the pandemic and will keep on attempting to keep up productivity to permit them to respect these responsibilities.

Keeping up staff numbers has been a difficult circumstance that the organization has expected to intently assess. No individual from staff has been given up during the pandemic, however, the organization has rearranged compensation levels as the administration group, directorate, head office group, and non-used staff have had their pay rates dropped, while those working all day get pay rates and rewards. Patrick accepts organizations should attempt to hold staff, yet recognizes that it’s anything but a simple accomplishment and organizations ought not to be judged on the off chance that they need to release staff. The COVID-19 pandemic is a 1-in-100-years occasion, and organizations should endure it. Eat ‘n’ Go stays thankful to their clients, and devoted to keeping individuals safe and giving extraordinary items and client assistance.


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