MeloNaija Update: Fruits That Can Improve Your Eyesight


More than fifty million people are suffering from eyes problem in Africa. Eyes problem seems to be the worst sickness in man or woman can have, our eyes are our torch with it we can’t see.

What are the causes of eyes problem?



3. Diabetics

4.Dust and many more.

To avoid eyes problem, you need to be taking antibiotic time to time. Minimize staying under sun, if you are using laptop, desktop or mobile phone always you can ask doctor to recommend glass for you. Each time you want to use you computer put on your glass when you finish you remove it. Also minimize taking of sugar content things like soft drink and others.

What are the symptoms of eyes problem?

1.Eye pain

2.Eye itching

3.Watering eye

4.Eye red

5.Double vision and many more.

Herbal remedy for eyes problem

1. Take carrot slice it mix it with original honey, take it early morning before breakfast, 2 spoons and take it again before going bed in the night.

2. Mix coconut water with original palm wine, take 1 glass cup in the morning before breakfast once in a day.

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